Quadient iX-series franking machines review – iX-3, iX-5 and iX-7 compared

In the realm of postal processing, the efficiency and reliability of a franking machine can have significant impacts on a business’s operations, especially when it comes to managing mailing costs and streamlining mailroom activities. The Quadient iX-series is a range of franking machines designed to cater to a variety of business sizes and mailing needs.

In this article, we delve into the comparative features and functions of the iX-3, iX-5, and iX-7 models to help UK businesses determine which machine could best enhance their mailing processes.

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Quadient iX franking machine models compared

SpecificationQuadient iX-3Quadient iX-5Quadient iX-7
Processing SpeedUp to 45 letters per minuteUp to 110 letters per minuteUp to 175 letters per minute
Integrated Scale5 kg35 kg (optional)7 kg to 35 kg options
Touchscreen DisplayYes10.2-inch colour touchscreenYes
ConnectivityLAN, Wi-FiLAN, Wi-Fi, optional 3G/4GLAN, Wi-Fi, optional 3G/4G
Differential WeighingNoYesYes (dynamic weighing)
Maximum Envelope Thickness9.5 mm12 mm16 mm
Ink Tank CapacityStandardHighHigh-capacity
Reporting and TrackingBasicAdvancedComprehensive
Dimensions (WxDxH)Compact size for small office spacesLarger than iX-3, for office useLargest, for high-volume mailrooms
Quadient iX franking machines specification

Overview of the Quadient iX-series

Quadient, formerly known as Neopost, has established itself as a stalwart in providing mailing solutions. The iX-series machines are their latest foray into the world of franking technology, designed to offer intuitive interfaces, seamless processing, and cost-effective mailing solutions.

These machines are not just for franking; they’re equipped with advanced features like tracking and reporting, offering a comprehensive approach to mail management.

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Quadient iX-3 – The compact choice

The Quadient iX-3 is the entry-level model in the iX-series, intended for small businesses or those with lower volume mailing requirements. Despite its compact size, it’s not short on functionality. The iX-3 is capable of processing up to 45 letters per minute, making it a suitable option for organisations that do not need a high-capacity system.

Key features:

  • Processing speed of 45 letters per minute
  • 5kg integrated scale for accurate postage calculation
  • Touchscreen display for easy navigation
  • LAN and Wi-Fi connectivity for software updates and postage rate changes
  • MyQuadient online account management

The iX-3 is ideal for businesses that require a reliable machine for occasional batches of mail, ensuring accurate postage without the need for a trip to the post office.

Quadient iX-5 – The versatile performer

Moving up the range, the Quadient iX-5 is designed for mid-volume mailing needs. This model offers a blend of speed and features suitable for businesses with more significant mailing demands or those looking to increase mailing efficiency.

Key features:

  • Processing speed of up to 110 letters per minute
  • 35kg integrated weighing platform (optional)
  • 10.2-inch colour touchscreen interface
  • Differential weighing capabilities
  • Advanced reporting and tracking features

The iX-5 stands out with its differential weighing option, which allows for the rapid processing of mixed-mail without manual intervention. This model is particularly beneficial for businesses that have varied mail but require expedient processing.

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Quadient iX-7 – The high-volume expert

The iX-7 is tailored for large businesses with high-volume mailing needs. It is the most robust model in the iX-series, designed to handle substantial mailing volumes with efficiency and accuracy.

Key features:

  • Processing speed of up to 175 letters per minute
  • Dynamic weighing for various letter sizes and shapes
  • 7kg to 35kg weighing platform options
  • High-capacity ink tank for longer runs
  • Comprehensive reporting and expense tracking

This machine is equipped with dynamic weighing technology, which enables it to process parcels and packages of various sizes at the advertised rate. The iX-7’s high-capacity ink tank also reduces the frequency of cartridge changes, minimising downtime.

Quadient iX series franking machines prices – Purchase and rental

When considering a franking machine, businesses must evaluate the financial implications, which include both purchase and rental options. Pricing for the Quadient iX-series can vary based on suppliers and service packages, but here are some estimated figures to provide a general guide.

Machine ModelPurchase Price RangeEstimated Monthly Rental CostSuitable for
Quadient iX-3£2200 – £2700£50 – £80Small businesses with low to moderate mailing volumes
Quadient iX-5£5,600 – £6,800£100 – £200Mid-sized businesses with moderate to high mailing volumes
Quadient iX-7£9,000 – £12,000£200 – £400Large businesses with high mailing volumes
Quadient iX franking machine prices and costs

Purchase costs

  • Quadient iX-3: For businesses looking to purchase this entry-level machine, prices can start from approximately £2,200 to £2,700. This is a one-time investment for small businesses that will use the machine regularly over a long period.
  • Quadient iX-5: A step up in functionality and price, the iX-5 can cost between £5,600 to £6,800. This middle-range machine is a significant investment but can be justified by mid-sized businesses with regular mailing needs.
  • Quadient iX-7: The high-volume iX-7 model is the premium choice and can range from £9,000 to £12,000. Large businesses with extensive mailing operations might find this cost-effective when considering the efficiency and time saved in handling bulk mailing.

Rental costs

Rental agreements for franking machines often include maintenance and support, which can be attractive for businesses not willing to commit to a purchase or those who prefer to spread the cost over time.

  • Quadient iX-3: Monthly rental rates for the iX-3 can start from £50 to £80. This option allows businesses to avoid the initial outlay and often includes servicing.
  • Quadient iX-5: For a mid-range machine like the iX-5, businesses can expect rental costs to range from £100 to £200 per month, depending on the service package and rental terms.
  • Quadient iX-7: The iX-7’s rental price can vary significantly due to the customisation and service levels required. Monthly rental costs can be in the region of £200 to £400.

These prices are indicative and can fluctuate based on the specific requirements of a business, such as additional features, integration needs, and the length of the rental contract. It’s also worth noting that some suppliers offer flexible financing options to accommodate different budgetary requirements.

Before making a decision, businesses should request detailed quotes from multiple suppliers to compare the total cost of ownership or rental over the machine’s anticipated lifespan. Moreover, potential tax implications, such as claiming capital allowances on purchases or the deductibility of rental costs, should also be taken into account when assessing the financial impact on the business.

Choosing the right Quadient iX franking machine model

When choosing between the iX-3, iX-5, and iX-7, businesses must consider their daily mail volumes, the variety of their mail, and the importance of reporting and tracking features. While the iX-3 is an excellent choice for smaller enterprises, the iX-5 and iX-7 provide greater capabilities and efficiencies for mid-sized to large operations.

The investment in a Quadient iX-series machine should match the specific mailing needs of a business. It is also important to factor in the ongoing costs, such as ink, labels, and maintenance, in addition to the upfront cost of the machine itself. With the right choice, a Quadient franking machine can become an indispensable tool for any UK business looking to optimise its mailing processes.

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