How to find the best postage meter for your business in 2024 – UK buyers guide

In an era of increasing digital communication, physical mail still holds a certain gravitas and significance. Whether it’s client contracts, legal documents or customer invoices, the need for postage is very much alive. For businesses of all sizes in the United Kingdom, a postage meter offer a convenient, cost-effective and efficient way of managing mail requirements.

This article aims to demystify postage meters, explore the benefits of investing in one, and introduce you to some of the leading manufacturers in the market.

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What is a postage meter?

A postage meter is a mailing system that enables businesses to weigh, stamp and send out mail without requiring stamps from the Post Office. It’s essentially a one-stop shop for all your postal needs, giving you the convenience of handling large volumes of mail right from your office.

Postage meters print a postage indicium directly onto the mail piece or onto a meter tape, which you then affix to your mail. They are regulated by the postal authorities in the UK, and their use requires a license.

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Reasons to buy a postage meter

Cost savings

One of the primary benefits of postage meters is the potential for cost savings. Postage meters weigh each piece of mail accurately, ensuring that you’re not overpaying for postage. Moreover, bulk mailing discounts are available to businesses using postage meters.

Efficiency and convenience

For businesses sending out a substantial volume of mail, postage meters can significantly streamline the process. It eliminates the need to go to the Post Office, queue up and wait to get your mail processed. This convenience saves both time and effort, allowing staff to focus on other important tasks.


A meter enhances the professional look of your outgoing mail. The postage indicium is clean and consistent, giving your mail a more businesslike appearance compared to stamps.


Most modern postage meters come with customisation options, enabling you to add your company logo or promotional messages on the postage indicium. This feature turns every mail piece into a branding opportunity.

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Best postage meter manufacturers to purchase

Selecting the right model is essential to meeting your business’s specific mailing needs. Here, we delve deeper into the popular manufacturers mentioned earlier, highlighting some of their top models with approximate pricing and specifications.

ManufacturerModelPrice (Monthly Lease)SpecsBest For
Pitney BowesSendPro C SeriesStarting at £100– 50-120 letters per minute – Built-in scale – Touchscreen interfaceMedium to large businesses with varying needs
DM100 SeriesApproximately £50-£70– 30-45 letters per minute – Integrated weighing platformSmall businesses with moderate volumes
QuadientIN-600 SeriesStarting at £80– Up to 75 letters per minute – 7kg integrated scaleSmall to medium-sized businesses
IN-750Approximately £150-£200– 175 letters per minute – 35kg dynamic scaleLarger enterprises with high-volume needs
FramaMatrix F12Approximately £30-£40– Up to 20 letters per minute – 2kg integrated scaleSmall businesses and home offices
Matrix F62Around £90-£110– 95 letters per minute – 5kg scale – TouchscreenMedium-sized businesses needing efficiency
FP MailingPostBase MiniStarting at £25-£35– 17 letters per minute – Integrated 3kg scaleMicro-businesses and sole traders
PostBase Qi9Around £100-£130– 85 letters per minute – 7kg integrated scaleMedium-sized businesses focused on efficiency
Best postage meters compared

Please note that the prices mentioned are approximate and may vary based on lease terms, additional features, and maintenance agreements. When considering a postage meter, it’s advisable to contact the manufacturers directly for accurate and up-to-date pricing and to discuss your specific business needs.

Pitney Bowes postage meters

SendPro C Series

  • Price: Starting at around £100 per month (depending on configuration and lease terms)
  • Specs: 50-120 letters per minute, built-in scale, touchscreen interface
  • Best For: Medium to large businesses with variable mailing requirements

DM100 Series

  • Price: Approximately £50-£70 per month (lease)
  • Specs: 30-45 letters per minute, integrated weighing platform
  • Best For: Small businesses with moderate mail volumes

Quadient (formerly Neopost) postage meters

IN-600 Series

  • Price: Starting at £80 per month (lease)
  • Specs: Up to 75 letters per minute, 7kg integrated scale
  • Best For: Small to medium-sized businesses looking for a balance of speed and functionality


  • Price: Around £150-£200 per month (lease)
  • Specs: 175 letters per minute, 35kg dynamic scale
  • Best For: Larger enterprises with high-volume mailing needs

Frama postage meters

Matrix F12

  • Price: Approximately £30-£40 per month (lease)
  • Specs: Up to 20 letters per minute, 2kg integrated scale
  • Best For: Small businesses or home offices

Matrix F62

  • Price: Around £90-£110 per month (lease)
  • Specs: 95 letters per minute, 5kg scale, touchscreen
  • Best For: Medium-sized businesses requiring fast throughput

FP Mailing postage meters

PostBase Mini

  • Price: Starting at £25-£35 per month (lease)
  • Specs: 17 letters per minute, integrated 3kg scale
  • Best For: Micro-businesses and sole traders

PostBase Qi9

  • Price: Around £100-£130 per month (lease)
  • Specs: 85 letters per minute, 7kg integrated scale
  • Best For: Medium-sized businesses with a focus on efficiency

The variety of postage meter models and manufacturers available provides businesses with multiple options to fit their specific needs. Always consider factors such as mail volume, speed, and special features like customisation or advanced security when choosing a model.

The prices mentioned are approximate and usually depend on leasing terms, additional features and maintenance contracts, so it’s advisable to request a custom quote from the suppliers.

Buying a postage meter

Investing in a postage meter can offer numerous advantages including cost savings, increased efficiency, and enhanced professionalism. Leading manufacturers like Pitney Bowes, Quadient (formerly Neopost), Frama, and FP Mailing offer a variety of options suited for different business needs.

Before making a decision, consider your volume of mail, your budget, and the features most relevant to your operations. With the right choice, a postage meter can become an invaluable asset to your business.

FAQ for postage meters

What is a postage meter and how does it work?

A postage meter is a machine that weighs, calculates postage, and prints a postage indicium directly onto envelopes or labels for mailing. It eliminates the need to buy and apply stamps for each piece of mail.

How can a postage meter save my business money?

A postage meter weighs each mail item precisely, ensuring you only pay for the exact postage required. Additionally, some postage meter plans offer discounted rates for bulk mailing.

Is a postage meter suitable for a small business?

Yes, there are various postage meter models designed to suit small businesses. These often have lower mailing capacities but still offer the essential functions needed to streamline your mailing process.

Can a postage meter print my company logo?

Yes, most modern postage meters allow you to customise the postage indicium with your company logo or other branding elements.

How do I reload funds onto a postage meter?

You can generally reload funds onto a postage meter via an internet connection. Most manufacturers provide secure online portals for this purpose.

Do postage meters only work for letters?

No, postage meters can handle various types of mail, including packages. The key is to choose a model that comes with an integrated scale capable of weighing heavier items.

Is using a postage meter legal?

Yes, using a postage meter is legal as long as you comply with the postal regulations of your country and have a valid license for the machine.

How do I get a license for a postage meter?

The license for a postage meter is usually obtained through the manufacturer or leasing company, and they will guide you through the process, which often involves liaising with the postal authority.

What should I consider when choosing a postage meter?

Consider your mail volume, the types of mail you send, and any additional features like customisation or data tracking when selecting a postage meter.

Can a postage meter handle international mail?

Yes, most postage meters can calculate and print postage for international mail. Ensure that the model you choose has this capability if you need it.

How does a postage meter improve efficiency?

A postage meter streamlines the mailing process by automating weighing, calculating, and printing postage, allowing you to handle large volumes of mail quickly.

Do postage meters require special ink?

Yes, postage meters often require proprietary ink cartridges, which can be purchased through the manufacturer or authorised dealers.

How do I maintain a postage meter?

Regular maintenance of a postage meter often includes software updates, cleaning, and occasionally replacing parts like ink cartridges. Most manufacturers offer maintenance packages.

Are there any hidden costs associated with a postage meter?

In addition to the lease or purchase cost, be aware of expenses for ink, labels, and any maintenance or service fees when budgeting for a postage meter.

Can I lease a postage meter instead of buying one?

Yes, leasing is a popular option for many businesses, as it allows you to access high-quality postage meters without the high upfront cost.

Can a postage meter connect to my computer?

Many modern postage meters can connect to a computer, allowing you to manage settings, track expenditures, and even print postage from your desktop.

What happens if my postage meter breaks down?

Most manufacturers offer technical support and repair services. Depending on your service agreement, this may be included in your leasing fees or come as an additional cost.

Can I use a postage meter for bulk mailing?

Yes, high-capacity postage meters are specifically designed to handle bulk mailing, and you may be eligible for discounted postage rates.

How do postage meter prices compare among manufacturers?

Prices can vary depending on factors such as mailing speed, additional features, and brand reputation. It’s advisable to request quotes from multiple manufacturers when considering a postage meter.

Can a postage meter help with my business’s sustainability goals?

Some postage meters are designed with energy efficiency and recyclability in mind. Check with the manufacturer to see if their postage meters meet your sustainability criteria.

With this FAQ, you should now have a comprehensive understanding of what postage meters are, how they can benefit your business, and what to consider when choosing one. Feel free to reach out to manufacturers directly for any further queries.

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