Top 20 Royal Mail-authorised franking machine suppliers – 2024

Looking for the best UK franking machine suppliers? As businesses across the UK continue to look for ways to streamline their operations, one area that is often overlooked is the mailroom. Franking machines can save your business time and money by allowing you to weigh and stamp your own mail, as opposed to relying on traditional postage methods. Having a franking machine is particularly advantageous if your company sends out a large volume of post.

It’s crucial to purchase or lease your machine from a Royal Mail authorised supplier to ensure compliance and reliability. Here is a list of the top 20 Royal Mail authorised UK franking machine suppliers.

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Best franking machine suppliers in the UK

  1. Pitney Bowes
  2. Quadient (formerly Neopost)
  3. Mailcoms
  4. FP Mailing
  5. Francotyp-Postalia (FP)
  6. Totalpost
  7. Ashcroft Mailing Solutions
  8. European Postal Systems (EPS)
  9. Twofold Ltd
  10. Kane Mailing Systems
  11. Document Data Group
  12. Nationwide Franking Sense
  13. The Mailing Room
  14. Northern Services
  15. IMS Franking
  16. FMC
  17. Postroom-online
  18. Postage Station
  19. Frama
  20. My Mailing Room

These companies are noted for their reliability, range of features, and variety of options suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company that has been in the business for over 100 years. Known for its innovation in mailing and shipping, the company offers an extensive range of franking machines suitable for businesses of all sizes.

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  • Notable Features: High-speed franking machines, a wide range of models from basic to advanced, 24/7 customer service, software integration for postage and tracking, reliable servicing and maintenance packages.
  • Website: Pitney Bowes

Quadient (formerly Neopost)

Formerly known as Neopost and now rebranded as Quadient, this company offers cutting-edge technology in franking machines. Designed for ease of use and reliability, they offer a range of options that are also environmentally friendly.

  • Notable Features: Eco-friendly options, user-friendly interface, cost-tracking software, multiple size and volume options, connectivity features for online postage management.
  • Website: Quadient


Mailcoms prides itself on a personalised service approach. Whether your business is small or large, they offer a variety of franking machine options with the flexibility of no long-term contracts.

  • Notable Features: No long-term contracts required, free machine trials, competitive pricing, in-house manufacturing, exceptional customer service, tailored payment options.
  • Website: Mailcoms

FP Mailing

FP Mailing offers German engineering at its finest. They provide a range of machines that can cater to all sizes of businesses, ensuring efficiency and reliability.

  • Notable Features: German-engineered machines, compact designs for smaller offices, high-speed options for large volumes, integrated scales for accurate postage, detailed analytics and reporting.
  • Website: FP Mailing

Francotyp-Postalia (FP)

Francotyp-Postalia is a leading supplier in the world of franking, providing efficient solutions customised to each business’s specific needs.

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  • Notable Features: Variety of machine sizes, integrated weighing scales, cost accounting features for tracking, multiple security options, intuitive touch-screen controls.
  • Website: FP


As a one-stop-shop for all your mailing needs, Totalpost offers not just machines, but also consumables like ink and labels, as well as servicing and repairs.

  • Notable Features: Comprehensive service options, machine maintenance and repair, wide product range from basic to advanced, compatible consumables, mailroom consultations.
  • Website: Totalpost

Ashcroft Mailing Solutions

Ashcroft focuses on high-quality franking solutions and offers tailored packages that align with individual business requirements.

  • Notable Features: Tailored solutions for businesses of all sizes, excellent customer service, competitive pricing, flexible leasing options, optional maintenance contracts.
  • Website: Ashcroft Mailing Solutions

European Postal Systems (EPS)

EPS gives businesses flexibility by offering both new and refurbished franking machines. This makes it a cost-effective choice for businesses operating on a tight budget.

  • Notable Features: Refurbished machine options, service plans, free trials, extended warranties, flexible payment plans.
  • Website: EPS

Twofold Ltd

With a focus on state-of-the-art technology, Twofold offers a wide array of franking machines and integrated software solutions for modern mailrooms.

  • Notable Features: Advanced software integration, modern designs, efficiency-focused machines, real-time analytics, full-service maintenance and support.
  • Website: Twofold

Kane Mailing Systems

Kane Mailing Systems takes pride in offering highly reliable and efficient franking solutions. Free trials are available to help businesses make an informed decision.

  • Notable Features: Free trials to test machines, range of models from low to high volume, excellent customer service, flexible leasing options, comprehensive maintenance plans.
  • Website: Kane Mailing Systems

Document Data Group

Document Data Group offers an array of options, including short-term rental machines for businesses not ready to make a full commitment.

  • Notable Features: Short-term rental options, flexible contracts, broad range of machine types, consumables supply, in-house servicing and maintenance.
  • Website: Document Data Group

Nationwide Franking Sense

Focused on servicing UK businesses, this company offers a variety of machines and has comprehensive service options that include free audits.

  • Notable Features: Free audit service, maintenance packages, wide range of machine models, optional add-ons like folding machines, tailored payment plans.
  • Website: Nationwide Franking Sense

The Mailing Room

The Mailing Room is customer-centric and aims to provide the most cost-effective franking solutions possible, catering to businesses of all sizes.

  • Notable Features: Cost-effective solutions, tailored packages, customer-centric approach, full training on machine use, ongoing technical support.
  • Website: The Mailing Room

Northern Services

Northern Services offers both new and refurbished machines to suit varying budgets, with servicing included for peace of mind.

  • Notable Features: Budget-friendly options, range of products from basic to advanced, servicing included in packages, short-term rental options, comprehensive warranties.
  • Website: Northern Services

IMS Franking

IMS Franking offers a wide variety of machines that range from basic to highly advanced, meeting the needs of diverse businesses.

  • Notable Features: Diverse range of machines, customisation options, cost-saving features like bulk postage discounts, integrated software for tracking, quick and responsive customer service.
  • Website: IMS Franking


FMC specialises in tailoring franking machine contracts to fit individual business requirements, making it a highly flexible option for companies of all sizes.

  • Notable Features: Tailored contracts to fit your business, easy-to-use machines, customer-focused service, maintenance and repair services, flexible payment terms.
  • Website: FMC


As a one-stop-shop, Postroom-online provides not just franking machines but also other essential mailroom equipment.

  • Notable Features: One-stop-shop for all mailroom needs, broad range of products, competitive pricing, maintenance and servicing options, online support and tutorials.
  • Website: Postroom-online

Postage Station

Postage Station aims to provide machines that utilise the latest technology for efficiency and reliability, making it a leading choice for modern businesses.

  • Notable Features: Latest franking technology, range of models to suit all business sizes, integrated software for seamless operations, responsive customer service, add-on options like envelope feeders.
  • Website: Postage Station


Frama is a leading provider of digital franking solutions, offering machines that are both efficient and user-friendly.

  • Notable Features: Digital solutions, user-friendly, efficiency-focused.
  • Website: Frama

My Mailing Room

My Mailing Room offers a variety of franking machines, as well as additional mailing solutions for businesses.

  • Notable Features: Comprehensive service, add-on options, flexible contracts.
  • Website: My Mailing Room

In summary, opting for a Royal Mail authorised UK franking machine supplier ensures you’re investing in a compliant and reliable mailing solution for your business. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a large corporation, this list provides ample choice to meet your specific needs.

FAQ for finding the best franking machine suppliers

What is the best franking machine supplier?

Determining the best franking machine supplier can be subjective, as it largely depends on your specific business needs, such as volume of mail, additional features required, and budget constraints. It’s advisable to consider customer reviews, ask for recommendations, and perhaps even conduct trials with a few shortlisted suppliers to find out which franking machine supplier is the best fit for your organisation.

What factors should I consider when choosing a franking machine supplier?

When selecting a franking machine supplier, consider elements such as the range of franking machine models on offer, customer support for franking machine issues, pricing options, additional features, and available maintenance packages for franking machines. Every business has different requirements, so it’s important to find a supplier that offers bespoke solutions.

How important is customer service in the franking machine industry?

Customer service is exceedingly vital in the franking machine industry, as it ensures that any queries or issues related to the franking machine will be resolved in a timely manner. Opt for suppliers that offer round-the-clock support, quick response times, and well-informed customer service representatives familiar with franking machines.

Are there any hidden costs associated with purchasing a franking machine?

Beyond the initial cost of the franking machine, additional expenses could include maintenance fees, consumables like ink and labels, as well as potential software updates. Be sure to inquire about any hidden or ongoing costs when discussing your franking machine needs with potential suppliers.

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