Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto franking machine review

The dawn of digital technology has irrevocably altered many aspects of business operations, not least within the realm of postal services. Despite the surge in digital communication, traditional mailing remains a critical component for numerous enterprises, necessitating an efficient and cost-effective means of handling large volumes of post. Enter the Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto franking machine, a device that promises to revolutionise how businesses approach their mailing needs.

This review will scrutinise the SendPro C Auto, evaluating its features, performance, and value proposition for UK businesses.

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Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto franking machine at a glance

Processing SpeedUp to 120 letters per minute
Media SizesEnvelopes up to 3/8″ thick
Weighing OptionsBuilt-in scale with 5 lb standard capacity
Max Envelope Dimensions10″ x 13″ standard
Dimensional WeighingOptional
ConnectivityWi-Fi, LAN, USB
Touch Screen DisplayYes, color display
Automatic FeedingYes
Departmental AccountingAvailable (up to 100 accounts)
SecurityPassword protection and controlled access
Ink Cartridge YieldApproximately 18,000 prints per cartridge
Footprint (W x D x H)Varies, but typically around 1,346 x 508 x 457 mm
Power Requirements100-240V AC, 50/60Hz
Operational Noise LevelCompliant with office noise standards
User InterfaceIntuitive LCD touchscreen interface
Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto specification

These specifications represent a snapshot of the SendPro C Auto’s capabilities, but actual specs might vary or offer additional features not listed here. For the most accurate and detailed information, businesses should refer to the product datasheets provided by Pitney Bowes or consult with a sales representative who can provide the latest specifications and options available for the SendPro C Auto franking machine.

Ease of use

One of the most notable features of the SendPro C Auto is its user-friendliness – a strength of many Pitney Bowes machines. The machine boasts a touch screen interface that simplifies navigation and operation, a vital consideration for businesses that need to process mail without unnecessary delays. The intuitive display coupled with the machine’s automatic feeding system allows for seamless processing of letters of various sizes and thicknesses, significantly reducing the time spent on mail preparation.

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Performance and efficiency

The SendPro C Auto’s automatic feeding capability is a game-changer for productivity. The machine can process up to 120 letters per minute, a rate that stands to benefit businesses with substantial mailing requirements. The speed and automation, however, do not come at the expense of accuracy. The device includes a built-in scale which automatically calculates the correct postage, helping businesses to avoid overpaying and ensuring compliance with Royal Mail pricing.

Cost management

The machine’s ability to connect to Pitney Bowes’ cloud-based software is a standout feature for cost management. Businesses can track their spending in real-time, gain insights into their postage habits, and access postal discounts that are not available when using stamps. This feature can be particularly advantageous for small to medium-sized enterprises that are looking to optimise their operational expenses.

Integration and connectivity

In today’s connected world, the ability of office equipment to integrate with existing systems is critical. The SendPro C Auto offers seamless connectivity options, including Wi-Fi, LAN, and USB, making it a versatile addition to the modern office environment. The machine’s compatibility with the SendPro Online platform allows for the management of parcels and tracking, which is an added benefit for businesses that send packages alongside regular mail.

Security features

Pitney Bowes has not overlooked security in the SendPro C Auto. The device comes equipped with advanced security features, including password protection and the ability to control access to various features. This ensures that postage funds are safeguarded and that only authorised personnel can operate the machine, an essential aspect for businesses concerned about potential misuse or fraud.

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Customer support and maintenance

The company’s provision of customer support is an essential factor to consider. Pitney Bowes offers comprehensive service options for the SendPro C Auto, including on-site maintenance and remote assistance. The ease of accessing support and the robustness of service agreements are critical for businesses that rely heavily on their franking machines for daily operations.

Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto price – Purchase and rental

Understanding the cost implications of acquiring the Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto franking machine is crucial for businesses in determining its viability for their operations. The pricing structure for such equipment typically comes in two forms: outright purchase or rental agreements.

Pricing OptionInitial CostMonthly CostInclusionsExclusionsContract Length
Purchase£9,000 – £12,000N/AFranking machine, basic training, setupMaintenance after warranty, ink, labels, software subscriptionN/A
Rental£0 – £200 setup fee£200 – £400Franking machine, maintenance, servicingInk, labels, software subscription if applicable12-60 months (varies)
Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto pricing and costs

Purchase options

For businesses looking to purchase the SendPro C Auto outright, the cost can be a significant upfront investment. While prices may vary depending on suppliers and any ongoing promotions or discounts, an estimated figure for purchasing this machine might range between £9,000 and £12,000. This cost often includes initial setup and basic training on how to use the machine.

It’s worth considering that owning the machine outright means that the business is responsible for all maintenance and repair costs after the warranty period ends. Therefore, companies should factor in potential servicing fees and part replacements in the long-term financial planning associated with the purchase.

Rental agreements

Renting the SendPro C Auto is a popular option for many businesses, particularly those who prefer to spread the cost over time or who are looking for a lower initial expenditure. Rental contracts typically include maintenance and servicing, which can make this a more appealing option for businesses wary of unforeseen costs.

Rental prices for a machine like the SendPro C Auto might range from £200 to £400 per month, based on the length of the contract and the level of service included. Longer-term contracts might offer lower monthly rates but could include cancellation fees if the agreement is ended prematurely.

Choosing between purchase and rental will depend on several factors including the business’s cash flow, the volume of mail processed, and the preference for either a capital or operational expense. While purchasing the machine outright may lead to lower costs over its lifetime, renting can offer businesses more flexibility, less commitment, and potentially more predictable budgeting with inclusive servicing.

It is also advisable for businesses to enquire about any additional costs that might not be included in the purchase or rental price, such as the cost of ink, labels, and any software subscriptions required to access the full suite of features offered by the SendPro C Auto.

Pitney Bowes SendPro C Auto – The verdict

The SendPro C Auto franking machine from Pitney Bowes stands out as a sophisticated solution for businesses looking to streamline their mailing processes. Its user-friendly interface, efficient performance, and robust cost-tracking capabilities are tailored for the modern business environment, offering both time and monetary savings.

When paired with its connectivity features and robust security, the SendPro C Auto presents itself as an indispensable asset for UK businesses, provided they can justify the investment based on their volume of mail.

As always, businesses should assess their specific needs and volume of postal traffic to determine if the SendPro C Auto is the appropriate tool for their operations.

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