Frama Matrix F22 franking machine review

Franking machines have long been a staple in business environments, providing a simple and efficient way to process mail. One particular model that has been making waves in the UK market is the Frama Matrix F22. Designed to cater to small to medium-sized enterprises, the F22 promises to streamline the mailing process with its array of features.

Let’s delve into what the Frama Matrix F22 has to offer and whether it lives up to its promises.

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Frama Matrix F22 at a glance

Processing SpeedUp to 27 letters per minute
Scale CapacityUp to 2kg
ConnectivityLAN and Wi-Fi
Mailmark CompatibleYes
Printing TechnologyThermal printing
Max Envelope Thickness10mm
User InterfaceColour touchscreen
DimensionsW: 570mm x D: 380mm x H: 210mm (approx.)
WeightApprox. 7.2kg
Frama Matrix F22 specification
Frama Matrix F22 setup and installation

Features and specifications

At the core of the Frama Matrix F22 franking machine is its user-friendly operation. It boasts a touchscreen interface, making it straightforward for users to navigate through its functions. This ease of use is a significant boon for businesses looking to cut down on operational training time.

The F22 also features a built-in scale, capable of weighing items up to 2kg. This integration allows for precise postage calculations, potentially saving costs by avoiding overpayment on postage. The scale’s accuracy is crucial for businesses that frequently send out varied mail items, ensuring each piece is stamped with the correct postage value.

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Another critical feature of the F22 is its connectivity. The machine comes with LAN and Wi-Fi capabilities, allowing it to connect to online postal services and receive instant updates on postage rates. This connectivity means the F22 is always up-to-date with the latest Royal Mail pricing, which is essential for compliance and cost management.

Performance and efficiency

The Frama Matrix F22 is not only about its feature set but also about its performance. The machine processes up to 27 letters per minute, which is quite respectable for its market segment. While it may not be the fastest on the market, this rate should be more than sufficient for small to medium-sized businesses.

In terms of efficiency, the F22 uses thermal printing technology, which eliminates the need for ink cartridges. This not only reduces maintenance costs but also makes for a cleaner and more environmentally friendly operation. The machine’s ability to print return addresses, logos, and promotional messages also adds to its value, enabling businesses to customise their mail in a cost-effective manner.

Frama Matrix F22 price and cost considerations

When it comes to acquiring a Frama Matrix F22 franking machine, businesses have the option to either purchase the unit outright or opt for a rental agreement. The choice between these two options can significantly impact not only short-term cash flow but also long-term financial planning.

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Cost TypePurchase (Estimated)Rental (Monthly, Estimated)Notes/Savings
Initial Cost£1,000 – £2,000££0Large initial investment if purchased.
Monthly CostN/A££20 – ££50Recurring cost if rented.
Maintenance & ServiceIncluded in warrantyOften includedPost-warranty plans increase costs.
ConsumablesVariableVariableLabels, printing rolls, etc.
Postage SavingsUp to 30% with MailmarkUp to 30% with MailmarkSavings on postage costs over time.
Additional BenefitsOwnershipFlexibilityLong-term asset vs. lower initial cost.
Frama Matrix F22 price and costs

Purchase price

The outright purchase of a Frama Matrix F22 can be a substantial investment, and while the exact pricing can vary depending on the supplier and any ongoing promotions, businesses can expect to pay somewhere in the region of £1,000 to £2,000. This would be a one-off cost, after which the only ongoing expenses would be for consumables and any potential maintenance or repair services outside of the warranty period.

Rental costs

For those who prefer to spread the cost over time, renting a Frama Matrix F22 can be a more cash flow-friendly option. Monthly rental costs may range from £20 to £50, again depending on the provider and the terms of the contract. Rental agreements often include servicing and maintenance, which can provide additional peace of mind and help avoid unforeseen expenses.

Additional costs

Regardless of the purchase method, it’s important to factor in the ongoing operating costs. These include:

  • Replacement of labels or envelopes
  • Thermal printing rolls (though less frequent than ink)
  • Service and maintenance after the warranty period (if owned)
  • Potential overage charges on rental contracts if usage exceeds certain thresholds

Businesses should also be aware of the cost savings that come with a franking machine like the F22. With access to Mailmark™ discounted rates, the machine can quickly start to pay for itself in postage savings, especially for firms with heavy mailing needs.

Estimated savings

To put the cost into perspective with potential savings: If a small business spends an average of £400 per month on postage without a franking machine, using a Frama Matrix F22 and taking advantage of Mailmark™ could reduce this cost significantly, possibly by as much as 20-30%, depending on the types of mail sent. Over the course of a year, this adds up to a substantial saving, which could offset the rental or purchase cost of the machine.

Frama Matrix F22 franking machine

Franking savings with Mailmark

The Frama Matrix F22 is an investment, and for many businesses, cost is a significant consideration. While the initial outlay for the F22 may be higher than some of its competitors, the potential savings on postage and time could make up for this over time.

Moreover, the F22 is Mailmark™ compatible, which means users can take advantage of the lowest postage rates offered by Royal Mail. Mailmark™ also provides additional features such as tracking and reporting, which can be invaluable for businesses that want detailed insights into their mailing expenses and operations.

Frama Matrix F22 – The verdict

The Frama Matrix F22 franking machine is a compelling option for UK businesses that are looking to optimise their mailing processes. With its user-friendly interface, precise weighing scale, and online connectivity, it is equipped to handle the demands of modern post handling.

While the cost may be a barrier for some, the efficiency and potential savings make it a worthwhile consideration.

Businesses should weigh the F22 against their specific needs, considering factors such as mail volume, the importance of branding through mail, and the potential long-term cost savings. For those who find a match in the F22, this franking machine could very well be a smart addition to their operations, providing a blend of functionality, performance, and savings.

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