Frama franking machines – Reviewing the top models, prices and company reputation

Frama, a reputable Swiss company, offers a range of franking machines designed to suit varying business needs. Frama’s long-standing history and strong reputation make it a reliable choice for businesses looking for mailing solutions. Their commitment to innovation, customer service, and sustainability further solidifies their position as a leading player in the industry.

In this article, we will delve into the top models offered by Frama, to help UK businesses decide which machine best aligns with their operational requirements.

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Frama franking machines compared

ModelBusiness SizeSpeed (L/min)Feeder TypeFeaturesBuilt-in ScalePricing (£)
AccessMailSmall20ManualEasy-to-use interface, basic analytics, PIN security2 kg£1,000-£1,200
Matrix F12Small50Semi-automaticAdvanced touchscreen, date and cost setting, Wi-Fi connectivityNone£1,500-£1,800
Matrix F22Medium65AutomaticAutomatic date setting, multiple cost centres, LAN connectivity5 kg£2,500-£3,000
Matrix F32Medium100AutomaticAdvanced touchscreen, detailed analytics, batch processingNone£3,500-£4,000
Matrix F62High-volume140AutomaticDynamic scale, multiple cost centres, detailed analytics, remote diagnosticsVaries£5,000-£6,000
Frama franking machines compared

Frama franking machine models for small businesses

Frama AccessMail

Designed for businesses that send out limited amounts of post, the Frama AccessMail is an entry-level franking machine that offers straightforward functionalities. It can process up to 20 letters per minute and comes with a 2 kg scale. This model is also cost-effective, making it an ideal choice for small enterprises.

Key features

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in 2 kg scale
  • Up to 20 letters per minute


The Frama AccessMail is priced around £1,000 – £1,200.

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Frama Matrix F12

Another option for small businesses is the Frama Matrix F12. This machine can handle up to 50 letters per minute and features a semi-automatic letter feeder. Though a bit pricier than the AccessMail, its enhanced capabilities might be more suitable for businesses that have a slightly larger volume of mail to process.

Key features

  • Up to 50 letters per minute
  • Semi-automatic letter feeder
  • Advanced touchscreen interface


The Frama Matrix F12 is priced between £1,500 – £1,800.

Frama franking machine models for medium-sized businesses

Frama Matrix F22

The Frama Matrix F22 is built for medium-sized businesses that have a regular but not overwhelming flow of outgoing mail. This machine can frank up to 65 letters per minute and features a 5 kg integrated scale. It’s ideal for businesses that require a machine with moderate speed and additional features like automatic date setting.

Key features

  • Up to 65 letters per minute
  • Automatic date setting
  • Built-in 5 kg scale


The Frama Matrix F22 is generally priced around £2,500 – £3,000.

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Frama Matrix F32

For businesses that need even more features and speed, the Frama Matrix F32 is a good fit. This machine can process up to 100 letters per minute and comes with an automatic feeder, making the mailing process much more efficient.

Key features

  • Up to 100 letters per minute
  • Automatic feeder
  • Advanced touch screen interface


The cost of the Frama Matrix F32 is typically between £3,500 – £4,000.

Frama franking machine models for high-volume businesses

Frama Matrix F62

When it comes to high-volume mailing, the Frama Matrix F62 is the go-to choice. This machine is capable of handling up to 140 letters per minute and offers advanced functionalities like a dynamic scale, multiple cost centres, and detailed analytics. Its robust features make it suitable for businesses with high mailing needs.

Key features

  • Up to 140 letters per minute
  • Dynamic scale
  • Detailed analytics and multiple cost centres


The Frama Matrix F62 is priced around £5,000 – £6,000.

Frama franking machines – Company review


Founded in 1970 in Switzerland, Frama has a rich history of over 50 years in the field of mailing solutions. The company initially started with basic franking machines but quickly expanded its product range to include various advanced mailing and office automation solutions. Its products are now available in over 50 countries, with the United Kingdom being one of its major markets.

Innovation and technology

Frama has a track record of embracing innovation. The company was one of the first to introduce touchscreen interfaces on its franking machines, making them more user-friendly. They have also adopted modern technologies like Wi-Fi connectivity, LAN connectivity, and remote diagnostics to make their machines more adaptable and efficient for businesses.


Frama is well-regarded for its quality, reliability, and customer service. The company’s products often receive high marks in industry reviews for their robustness and ease of use. Moreover, Frama has received various awards and certifications that speak to its commitment to quality and environmental sustainability.

Customer service

One of the hallmarks of Frama as a company is its excellent customer service. They offer comprehensive training for new users and provide prompt after-sales service, which includes regular maintenance and software updates.


Frama is also committed to sustainability and has taken significant steps to reduce its environmental impact. Many of their franking machines are designed to be energy-efficient and are constructed with recyclable materials.

Verdict – Frama franking machines

Frama offers a range of franking machines that cater to the varying needs of small, medium, and high-volume businesses.

When making a choice, consider not just the immediate needs but also potential future growth to ensure the machine can adapt to increasing demands.

A Frama franking machine is an investment that, if chosen wisely, can offer excellent returns through efficiency and cost savings.

FAQ for Frama franking machines

What types of businesses are Frama franking machines suitable for?

Frama offers a range of franking machines suitable for small, medium, and high-volume businesses. With varying features and speed capabilities, there’s a Frama franking machine to meet the needs of almost any business that relies on mailing services.

How do Frama franking machines compare in price to other brands?

Frama’s franking machines are competitively priced, and they offer a good balance between cost and features. While initial costs may vary, the quality and durability of Frama machines often result in lower long-term costs. See franking machine suppliers for alternatives.

Are Frama franking machines easy to use?

Yes, Frama places a high emphasis on user-friendly design. Many of their models feature touchscreen interfaces, easy menu navigation, and even Wi-Fi or LAN connectivity for easy setup and maintenance.

What kind of support and maintenance can I expect?

Frama offers comprehensive customer support including installation, training, and regular maintenance. They also offer software updates to keep the machines running efficiently.

Do Frama machines come with built-in scales?

Some models do feature built-in scales, which can weigh letters and packages to help you accurately calculate postage costs. Models like AccessMail have a 2 kg built-in scale, while others like the Matrix F22 have a 5 kg scale.

Are Frama franking machines environmentally friendly?

Frama is committed to sustainability and many of their machines are energy-efficient and made with recyclable materials. They also have various certifications that attest to their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Can Frama franking machines handle parcels as well as letters?

Yes, some high-end models are equipped to handle both letters and parcels, offering a comprehensive mailing solution for businesses.

What kind of connectivity options do Frama machines offer?

Most of Frama’s newer models offer various connectivity options, including Wi-Fi and LAN, making it easier to update postage rates and perform other functions that require internet access.

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