Frama Matrix F32 franking machine review

In the dynamic world of business communication, staying abreast of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of dispatching mail is crucial. The Frama Matrix F32 franking machine has been designed with small to medium-sized enterprises in mind, promising to streamline postal processes with its range of features.

This article delves into the capabilities of the Frama Matrix F32, offering a comprehensive review for UK businesses considering its adoption.

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Frama Matrix F32 at a glance

SpeedUp to 50 letters per minute
Envelope ThicknessUp to 10mm
Scale CapacityIntegrated 2kg scale (optional 5kg)
Job MemoriesUp to 30 programmable jobs
ConnectivityLAN (Ethernet)
Dimensions (W x D x H)Approx. 570mm x 380mm x 260mm
WeightApprox. 8.5 kg (without consumables)
ScreenColour touchscreen
Departmental AccountsUp to 100
Mailmark CompatibleYes
Feeding SystemAutomatic
Maximum Envelope SizeC4
Power Supply230V, 50Hz (standard UK plug)
Noise Level<70 dBA in operation
Frama Matrix F32 specification

This table presents the essential features and capabilities of the Frama Matrix F32. However, always check the latest specifications with the manufacturer or supplier, as features may be updated or vary slightly based on the configuration.

Overview of the Frama Matrix F32

The Frama Matrix F32 is an entry to mid-level franking machine that aims to combine functionality with ease of use. It comes from Frama, a reputable Swiss company with a global presence, known for its high-quality mailing systems and services. The F32 is part of the Matrix series, which is applauded for its robustness and user-friendly interface.

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Key features and benefits

One of the standout features of the Matrix F32 is its integrated touchscreen. This colour display not only makes operation straightforward but also ensures that the user can navigate its features without the steep learning curve associated with some business equipment. The machine supports up to 30 programmable jobs, which can save time for businesses with regular, repetitive mailing needs.

The F32 is also Mailmark ready. Mailmark is the latest barcode technology from Royal Mail, offering the lowest postage prices and improved tracking capabilities. With this technology, businesses can ensure they are paying accurate postage rates, avoiding the risk of surcharges for underpayment.

Another significant advantage is the F32’s ability to handle a variety of mail formats, including letters and small packages, which means flexibility in managing different types of correspondence. The automatic feeder and sealer feature can process mail quickly, with a rate of up to 50 letters per minute, which is quite sufficient for small to medium volumes.

Frama Matrix F32 price – purchase and rental

When it comes to acquiring the Frama Matrix F32, businesses typically have two options: purchase or rental. The best choice depends on the company’s financial preferences, volume of post, and long-term equipment strategies. Below are estimated pricing structures for both purchase and rental options:

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Cost TypePurchase (£)Rental (per month) (£)
Initial Cost3500-4000N/A
Rental FeeN/A50 – 80
Ink Cartridges80 – 120Included / 80 – 120
Labels/Packaging30 – 50Included / 30 – 50
Service & Maintenance100 – 200/yearIncluded / 100 – 200/year
Postage Top-up Fee0 – 5 per top-up0 – 5 per top-up
Installation & Training100 – 300Included
Additional Features (e.g., Mailmark)Included in base priceIncluded in base price
Frama Matrix F32 pricing and costs

Purchase costs

Buying a franking machine outright can be a significant upfront investment, but it may save money in the long term. The estimated cost to purchase a Frama Matrix F32 franking machine may range from £3,500 to £4,000. This price variation is often due to the different suppliers and the inclusion of varying levels of service and maintenance packages.

Additionally, purchasing the machine means it can be capitalised on the business’s balance sheet and may qualify for capital allowances, potentially offering tax advantages.

It’s important to remember that the purchase price is not the end of the financial commitment. There will be ongoing costs for ink, labels, and maintenance. A service contract might cost an additional £100 to £200 per year, depending on the level of service required.

Rental costs

Renting is a popular option for businesses that prefer smaller, regular payments and want to avoid the initial outlay of purchasing a machine. Rental agreements for the Frama Matrix F32 can vary widely but typically range from £50 to £80 per month. These costs may include certain maintenance and support services, but it’s essential to clarify what is included in the rental agreement.

Businesses considering rental should also be aware of the potential for additional costs, such as consumables and overage charges if usage exceeds the agreed amount. Some providers may offer inclusive packages that bundle together rental costs with certain amounts of consumables and services.

Cost savings and budget management

A notable concern for UK businesses is the cost of operation, and the F32 addresses this with its in-built cost accounting for up to 100 accounts. This makes it easier for businesses to monitor and control their postage expenses. Moreover, by utilising LAN connection for postage updates and re-crediting, the machine ensures that businesses are always equipped with the latest postal rates, potentially leading to further savings.

Connectivity and security

In terms of connectivity, the F32 is modern and up-to-date, offering a LAN connection that is generally faster and more reliable than traditional analogue phone lines. This facilitates quick and easy updates and re-crediting.

Security is another critical aspect for businesses when it comes to franking machines. The F32 offers PIN-protected access to functions, which helps prevent unauthorised use and potential postage fraud.

Support and maintenance

Frama provides a comprehensive service and support system for its machines. UK businesses can rest assured that assistance is readily available, which is a significant factor when investing in such equipment. Regular updates and maintenance can be expected, keeping the machine in top working condition.

Frama Matrix F32 – The verdict

The Frama Matrix F32 franking machine is an efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Its integration of Mailmark technology, ease of use, and ability to keep a close eye on postage costs make it a strong contender in the market.

For businesses looking to invest in a reliable franking machine that won’t become obsolete in the fast-evolving postal landscape, the F32 is certainly worth considering. With its balance of features and functionality, the F32 is poised to enhance any business’s mailing operations.

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